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Pickwick Days
Alan Lewis, The Peddlers original manager was replaced by Joe Collins - Joan and Jackie's dad. Roy remembers one of his sayings:

"In this business, my sons, you need 10% talent and 90% of the greatest luck in the world. You're looking at your 90%."

 WE ATE! - An early royalty cheque

The group scored a London gig at the Pickwick club in Great Newport Street. This was in the middle of theatre land, in London's West End. The audience loved them and they were invited to perform for a month.

           Performing on a Dutch television show, 1967

Many of the show biz stars who frequented the Pickwick Club were forthcoming with advice for the young group. People like Marcel Marceau, Mel Tormay, Richard Harris, Harry Secombe, Christopher Plumber, Sarah Vaughn, and even one Frank Sinatra. Their one month residency turned into an eighteen month gig - the boys had hit the big time.

After producing a few singles they recorded their first live album Peddlers Live at The Pickwick in 1967 for Philips records.

Three of the prominent DJs of the time - Pete Murray, Dave Cash and John Peel - promoted The Peddlers work heavily. Suddenly the boys were all over Radio1, Radio 2, ITV and the BBC. The english club circuit followed and The Peddlers found fame.

By appointment...
 Princess Margaret loved The Peddlers The Peddlers became the darlings of the theatre set and the Royal Family. Princess Margaret instigated most of the "Royal Gigs" as they came to be known.

But it was Frank Sinatra who introduced The Peddlers to a world audience.

  Read on... The Peddlers go stateside.

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