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The Peddlers were spotted at the Pickwick Club by Frank Sinatra and Mel Torme and for next five years did seasons at Eden Roc in Miami, the Flamingo Hotel and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

 Caesars Palace During this time they worked with some jazz greats. Lena Horne, Nina Simone, Lou Rawls, Jimmy Duranty, Louis Prima, Sergio Mendez, Sarah Vaughn, Pearl Baily, Louis Belson, Timi Yuro and a whole lot more.

Back home The Peddlers were still in great demand for television, radio, the British Club scene and the European circuit.

They recorded numerous hit singles and albums for CBS including Freewheelers, Three in a Cell, and Birthday. And enjoyed a hit recording project for 'Philips' with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra. Suite London - Roy's first major writing concept, is now a collectors album. From this point songwriting became Roy's main future. He has had over 200 songs published with a lot more to come.

The Peddling Stops
The last Peddlers album was recorded at Billy Kristian's Muscle Music Studio in the far, far north of NZ. Ownership issues meant that this album wasn't released until 2007. You can purchase "Dancing with Shadows" from this site.

But success has its price. Though The Peddlers were popular worldwide, audiences wanted to hear their hits and you can only sing Girlie with passion so many thousand times. During a tour of Australia Trevor announced that he was sick of performing the same act, night after night. He left the group to join Roger Whittaker. Tab vanished to Portugal.

 Roy Phillips in 1999 Whilst touring New Zealand in 1969, Roy had fallen in love with the country and its people. He moved there 1981 and continued writing and performing in New Zealand and Australia.

As far as the music world was concerned, Roy had disappeared. That's when the rumours started.

  Read on... So where is Roy today?

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