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Update... January 2019

19's arrived. A very Happy and blessed time ahead to all of you in health and well being.

Roy Phillips Well my friends, where the hell did 18 go ? Why is it that the kids' mental well-being, time and space is just a passing whim? Us of wrinkly persuasion integral clocks are well past their used by date, can't even get it serviced. That's the last moan for this blog, promise.

Glad you liked STANDARD PROCEDURE 1, great fun putting it all together. Geoff Culverwell's magic on horns and flutes never ceases to blow me away and it's a great privilege to work with him, not only in the GROOVE ROOM but also when invited to perform at his jazz festivals.

Geoff is also featuring on the up and coming STANDARD PROCEDURE 2, hopefully ready for June coming. Thank you again for all of your suggestions of songs for these projects. There is enough material for 5 albums in the melting pot. I love the arranging part of these great songs, takes me back to the PEDDLERS days.

Incidentally, I also have another great 'Harp' player, JACK CRAW, adding his talent on a couple of the rockier tracks. My wife ROBYN has been handling all business as well as myself brilliantly. I havn't a clue what I would do without her in my life.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 months ago and along with the hormone injections, I start my radiation treatment in February. It is a 2 month 24/7 regime but that is not going to stop the work load here in THE GROOVE ROOM hopefully, although I might have to put the feet up for a bit longer than I wish!

May the God of your choice grant every wish to you.

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