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An update ... 5 September 2016

Roy in his studio 2016 Hi folks,

Sadly, I lost another good Buddy the other day, star of 'Star Wars' Kenny Baker -- R2D2. Back in the 60's and 70's the PEDDLERS and Kenny's 'MINI TONES' would meet up at gigs sharing bills. Kenny would always choose one moment during our show, during Trevors drum solo, when Trev was down at a quiet and expressive part just using his fingers on the drums. Our little friend would run out on the stage, stand under one of the ride cymbals and shout, "Would someone show me the way to the Wanking chinese restaurant?" God look after you now my friend.

OOO LA LA is progressing well, I am very happy with the B/Ts, just got to get my vocals up to scratch - (got a bit of a problem with my lungs at the moment). I have been inundated with requests for a PEDDLERS style album, standard type songs with that Hammond thing goin' on. So I thought I would throw out the idea for songs to our PED'S fans.

Send me your requests. This idea really appeals to me, do it by the 'info' email. Should be interesting. I have already put down 3 tracks 'SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY', 'LET IT BE' and 'AUTUMN LEAVES'. Nice to seriously get back to the HAMMOND and Orchestral arrangements again.

Thanks for your come-backs, always great to hear from you.


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