New video - "Blue Groove"
UK filmmaker Paul Bratt has made a great little animated video of Roy's track... with a bit of a Peddlers theme.
There's also a short promo for Roy's upcoming NZ gigs in August and September 2017. Click here to view both videos.


Update ... 13 September 2017

Roy in his studio 2016

We are home after a short three week tour concerts in the North Island of New Zealand. We took our One Man Show 'AN EVENING WITH ROY PHILLIPS' to Levin, Wellington, Gisborne, Tauranga and Auckland. Thank you to all of you who attended the shows or participated in bringing them about... Staff and venues, all have done us proud.

We had no hotels motel stays anywhere. We had friends with wonderful food and hospitality. Pretty hard to have to leave idealic situations where we had the fortune to lift up the feet and lay the head. We are still smarting (oh the pain, but loving it) from the warm greeting we received from every venue. Makes an old muso glad he can still put it out.

Travelling from Christchurch to Picton on the detour to by pass Kaikoura is very lengthy but the vista is totally breath-taking. it was immensely rewarding to be travelling for hours through the scenic beauty that is New Zealand. Met up with my old friend and Horn player Geoff Culverwell, and glad to announce a new CD in the making. A Hammond, Horn, Orchestral collection of standards, called 'STANDARD PROCEDURE'. More about Geoff and my reunion soon.

Robyn ( ROBYN PROMOTIONS) is planning our next tour for the beginning of summer and the festive season. We have been asked to New plymouth, Whangarei and Palmeston North so far. we will look at these and other possible venues and get back to you.

Love ya


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